Please see below for PPE requirements.

Main takeaway – wear a surgical mask at all times. Wear eye protection for ANY patient interaction. Glasses are not sufficient – this should be a full faceshield or goggles.
N95s are required for aerosolizing exposure such as intubation but also includes patients on HFNC/bipap or patients receiving nebulizers. Given that you may walk past aerosolizing procedures in the ED – we are recommending that the entire consult team wears N95s. We are also recommending that you treat all stroke codes as PUIs – meaning in addition to N95 + eye protection + surgical mask, you should also wear a gown and gloves.

We have supplies on N95s in our stroke/genneu rooms (and if they run out – just let me know and I will get more but if you need some urgently – Emily Anderson has a supply in her office. She also has surgical masks and extra eye protection.

We also have a supply in our NI1 call room closet. I am working to keep this fully stocked with eye protection, N95s and surgical masks.