Please follow below protocol for contacting phlebotomy and escalating as needed

  • Primary Contact Method
    • Contact the phlebotomist assigned to the unit/floor via secure message.
      • CUIMC Mil 5 Phleb Day Eve Night
      • CUIMC Mil 6 Phleb Day Eve Night
      • CUIMC Mil 7 Phleb Day Eve Night
      • CUIMC Mil 8 & 9 Phleb Day Eve Night
      • MSCH Phleb Day Eve Night
    • Please allow up to 20 minutes for a response, and if no response within that time frame, please follow up with a phone call
  • 1st Escalation
    • Call the phlebotomy office, Monday-Friday, 5:00am-5:00pm, Saturday-Sunday, 5:00am-1:00pm: 212-305-7155
  • 2nd Escalation
    • Call the escalation number, 646-317-1269 if you are unable to reach anyone after using the first two steps during the hours listed above. Please have the patient’s name/MRN and location ready.
  • Any other information I should know?
    • During AM blood collection, please locate the phlebotomist directly on the unit to communicate any discharges, etc
    • For specific test information, please visit the online test directory: