Advanced Teach Clinical Elective

Updated 6/2020

(PGY3 & PGY4 only)

During the week of advanced teach, the resident will hone their teaching skills by spending their time learning material and preparing and presenting to fellow residents and medical students. The goal of this rotation is to advance personal knowledge and improve teaching skills, especially for those residents preparing for an education-based career. 


  • Days: M-F
  • Hours:  ~8am-5pm
  • Weekday Sick Pull: Yes
  • Weekends/Holidays: You will not be assigned to elective shifts on weekends/holidays
    • PGY2 & PGY3: Pease check amion, you may be assigned to weekend coverage and sick pull shifts during this rotation – including 24h shifts
    • PGY4s: None


  • Advance personal neurologic knowledge during preparation of material
  • Prepare high quality teaching material
  • Deliver material to fellow residents and medical students to hone presentation skills
  • Lead case-based and question-based sessions with a focus on learning how to lead discussions and promote participation


  • Submit elective form 60 days prior to rotation
  • Residents will be required to lead a minimum of 3 teaching sessions:
    • Localization Rounds (Friday at 1:15pm): small group cased-based session focused on localization
    • Board review sessions (Friday 12pm): question-based session focused on high yield material for both clinical practice and board review
    • At least one additional conference from the following options: 
      • Noon conference (must be in line with monthly noon conference theme)
      • “Neurology for internal medicine residents” lecture series (if occurring during the block)
      • Additional localization rounds 
      • Afternoon teaching with residents and students on topic of your choice 

Location: NI14, 8HN

Contact: Dr. Bell