Clinic Basics / Workflow

What to do on Day 1!


  • Once you have finished seeing a patient, remember to do the following:
    • Staff the case: in-person, find the attending and present, for phone/tele visits, join the zoom (or call the attending) and staff
    • Put in referrals/orders/prescriptions and close the loop if there were any changes in plans after staffing
    • Ensure PFAs are aware of plans
      • Check the green dot on the schedule page so your PFA knows you have seen the patient – especially important for phone since otherwise they cannot tell if patient was seen or a no-show
      • Complete the “Follow-up” section so your PFA will be able to see what needs to be scheduled

You must use the notes below for proper documentation
I have shared them with all of you as smart phrases, please save them
You can also add them to your toolbar so they’re easy to find