Cardiac Monitors (MCOTs & Loop recorders)

Ordering MCOTs in EPIC

Please follow these instructions for order an MCOT to ensure that EP will read them.

  1. Place order in EPIC: Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry – Mail Out
    1. Under manufacturer, please select Other (example below shows BioTel Heart but other is preferred in case the patient’s insurance does not cover this brand)
    2. Under time, select 30 days
  2. After placing order, email and (in EP) to inform them you have ordered an MCOT (please provide patients name and MRN)
  3. They will work on authorization and mailing it to the patient
  4. Once done, EP will read it and place the report in EPIC.

Getting loop recorders placed inpatient

The cardiologists have nicely given us their call schedule so if need a loop recorder placed, you may contact them directly as below:

Monday/Thursday/Friday: Contact Hirad Yarmohammadi
Tuesday/Wednesday*: Contact Geoffrey Rubin
*Back-up on Wednesday is Elaine Wan