Advanced EEG Elective

Updated 6/2020

(PGY 3 & 4 only)

During the advanced EEG elective, residents will rotate through the continuous EEG service of the Epilepsy Division. 

Schedule Highlights:
Days: M-F
Hours: 8:30am-5pm*
Weekday sick pull: Yes
Weekends/Holidays: You will not be assigned to elective shifts on weekends or holidays
*****PGY2s and PGY3s, please check amion, you may be assigned to weekend coverage and sick pull shifts*****

Daily Schedule & Requirements


  • Name the different techniques for arranging EEG leads
  • Use and understand appropriate terminology for EEG (ie montage, amplitude, frequency, etc)
  • Describe normal and abnormal features of EEG background
  • Describe normal EEG features of wake and sleep states 
  • Recognize normal EEG variants 
  • Interpret abnormal EEG patterns/variants 
  • Identify EEG patterns of status epilepticus 
  • Identify common EEG patterns due to systemic medical illnesses 
  • Write an accurate EEG report

NICU Reading Room
Conferences on NI7 (currently all being done via zoom)

ContactsDrs. Bazil, M Bell, Choi, Kent, Mendriatta, Pack, Shrinivasan, Schevon, Benson