Overnight MRIs

UPDATED: 8/14/2019 – Overnight MRIs no longer available. Will notify residents if hospital re-instates this policy. 


The Milstein 8 MRI is now open 24 hours M-F (and open 8 AM to 12 AM Saturday and Sunday).

Consider sending your patient for overnight MRI if:

  • Study is not urgent
  • Patient agrees to have study overnight
  • There is a plan in place for pre-medication for anxiety/agitation, if appropriate

If you have patients that meet the above criteria:

  1. Make sure the order is in Eclipsys
  2. Identify which MRIs could be completed during IDR. The care coordinator will type #ONMRI, which then sends an automatic email to the neuromri@lists.cumc.columbia.edu, which goes to all MRI supervisors that will make the scan happen. The charge RNs are also present at IDR, and will facilitate getting clearance forms completed.
  3. If you identify another overnight MRI, you can still send a separate email to neuromri@lists.cumc.columbia.edu.

If you have a non-urgent MRI, also consider converting the MRI to an outpatient order.  This will free up the scanner for more urgent studies, and possibly expedite your patient’s discharge!