Converting Inpatient MRIs to Outpatient

Qventus areas:

  • During IDRs (Interdisciplinary Rounds), the Physicians will relay to the Interdisciplinary team the patients that are appropriate for outpatient MRI.

  • The Care Coordinators will flag in Qventus board MRI for outpatient transition.

  1. Ordering MD cancels inpatient order in Allscripts

  2. Ordering MD enters a new order in Allscripts using the “FUTURE ORDER” status

  3. Care coordination facilitates the outpatient appointment by reaching out to radiology call center leadership to schedule the outpatient MR/US/CT post discharge.

    • Radiology Call Center Leadership:

      1. Melissa Irizarry: 646-317-6620

      2. Priscilla Vicioso: 212-305-3132

      3. Erica Mackenzie: 212-305-7588 / 646-629-2366

  1. Radiology call center provides outpatient appointment date/time/location at time of initial call from Care Coordination. Appointment will be scheduled for 2-3 days post discharge

  2. Radiology call center leadership requests expedited insurance authorization processing from Sutherland (same day processing)

  3. Sutherland gets back to radiology call center with insurance status same day as request.

***The ordering MD or appropriate designee must be available for a peer to peer in the event it is requested by the payor

***Appointment will be scheduled for 2-3 days post discharge