• This can be for patients who are admitted and we want to convert their MRIs to outpatient OR for ED patients who we want to send for outpatient MRI
  1. Ordering MD enters an order in EPIC using the “FUTURE ORDER” status
    • If this is a rapid MRI from the ED, please write in the comments “Rapid outpatient MRI from ED”
  2. Contact the schedulers:
    • Call 212-305-9335 or email
      • Must have patients demographic/insurance information available
    • We will be refining this process as we streamline (which will include radiology scheduling supervisors to help coordinate rapid appointments)
  3. Rapid Access Clini – please email me and Barb if you want to schedule a rapid neurology follow-up
    1. If we have any rapid slots, I will review and we can schedule them in


Do not call techs, instead call the tech manager (M-F days): Tracy Duffy 646-942-1096


  • Email with:
    • 1) The diagnosis for why anesthesia is needed
    • 2) Most recent H&P for the patient
    • 3) A meds list
    • 4) An allergy list
    • 5) height & weight
  • If you have issues: email Steve Miller Co-Director of NORA (Non-operating Room Anesthesia)

MRI Prioritization

Ward/stroke seniors, are expected to update the “Treatment Team Sticky Note” daily with to-dos. If there are things like MRIs here, then our care coordinators can help expedite even before IDRs. In order to help prioritize MRIs specifically, please follow the below MRI prioritization system.  So for example if a patient needs an MRI to guide acute management, write in the sticky note MRI (A). 

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