Teach block resident will now help with clinic didactics; please reach out to other teach residents for topics or feel free to set up an interactive didactic on an outpatient topic of your choosing.

Welcome to teach block!

The idea of this rotation is to improve your skills as an educator as well as consolidate your knowledge on common topics in neurology.

Your minimum responsibility is to give a daily brief “chalk talk” to each of the inpatient teams’ medical students and junior residents if they aren’t too busy.  There are some done by Joanne that are on the NIresident website for reference or use.  This includes the stroke team, ward teams and consult team.  I recommend preparing chalk talks first as an outline that you can email to me so we can develop a database for other people to use in the future.  You will also give a noon conference that goes through board review cases on Friday, ideally about NICU topics.

You will also be on jeopardy.  Jeopardy is a backup system during the weekdays from 8-6pm where you may be called in to assist overwhelmed services.  You may be called in for small responsibilities such as procedures, admissions or offloading other work during the day.  Again, this will only be for services where the residents are overwhelmed, so it’s unlikely you will be called in on a regular basis.  This does not apply on nights and weekends.  Additionally, you will be on clinic pull during the week.  If you are pulled for clinic, you can’t be pulled for jeopardy and vice versa.

Please send me in the outlines for your lesson plans for chalk talks and board reviews and have a good time!

Billy Roth, MD

Chief Resident

Department of Neurology

Columbia University Medical Center