If you go onto med hub, there is a whole list of readings provided by the department.

Rounds start at 9:45 in the PH16 Psych CL conference room (you’ll see the door to the CL department and it’s the last room in the back). I would go up tomorrow around 9:30 and find out which team you’re on. One of the teams rounds in a different location (previously 8HN).

Introduce yourself to the people at the front desk. They are the people who will give you consults.

It’s typically no more than 1-2 consults a day, so a very manageable rotation. When you finish, you will sign out to the next resident and they will start the day seeing any follow ups.

Let me know if there are questions!

Billy Roth, MD

Chief Resident

Department of Neurology

Columbia University Medical Center