Peds Consults

Peds Consults

Guide for Adult Residents, PGY3s and PGY4s

Purple Book 2018 – 2019 (Practical Guide to Peds Neurology)

Peds neuro consults is a busy rotation, but very educational for the adult residents.  You will carry your own follow-up patients in addition to seeing new patients, and helping rotators.

Team Structure

This is a large team comprised of:

1 Attending

1 Peds Neuro Fellow

1 Adult PGY4

1 Adult PGY3

1 Gen Peds PGY2

1 Harlem Peds PGY2

Medical Students


General expectations

  • Team members are expected to be “in-house” from 8 AM-5PM, with attending rounds at 9AM. The Peds fellow will let you know where rounds will start.

  • The last new consult is assigned at 4:50 PM, unless there is an emergency requiring later in-person consult.

  • The pager number is 8SCAN (87226), which will be held by either the Peds Neuro fellow or the Adult PGY4.

  • You are responsible for sending email signout EVERY NIGHT to the home call coverage (see amion).

  • This rotation is a great opportunity to perform your peds NEX evaluation with an attending.

  • Please view the Intro to Peds Consults lecture on

PGY3 Expectations

As a PGY3, you will be responsible for seeing your own follow-ups, as well as new consults assigned by the team seniors.  Your hours will generally be 8-5 PM, with the exception of weeks where there is no PGY2 scheduled on PEMU, during which you also will be crosscovering these 5-6 patients from 5-6:30 PM, until you signout to the Night coverage.

PGY4 expectations

As a PGY4, you will carry the Peds Consult pager and be responsible for home call on M, W, and F every week, in addition to covering PEMU/Epilepsy on two out of the 4 Sundays that you are on Peds Consult (check amion for dates).

Weekly schedule

Monday – Take pager 7 AM.  Answer pages for your patients, and distribute new consults.

5 PM start home call, which will continue until Tuesday 7 AM.

Tuesday – 7 AM send email signout, and confirm fellow has taken pager.

                  1-5 PM – Peds Neuro clinic in VC3

Wednesday – Hold pager 7AM – 7AM Thursday.

Thursday – PGY4 goes home at 1 PM

Friday – Hold pager 7AM – 7AM Saturday

Saturday – off

*Sunday – cover PEMU/Epilepsy list 7AM-6:30 PM if scheduled.

Home call

  • After 5 PM, consults are taken as phone consults, unless there is an emergent situation that requires in-person evaluation.

  • You must have access to XLtek on your laptop (through to perform EEG checks. If you do not have it, call 5-HELP to have it installed.

  • For home call you need to be close enough to come into the hospital if necessary. This is very, very rare, but does occasionally happen.

  • Have a very, very low threshold for calling the attending overnight. Most attendings expect that you will call them with every question.

  • ALL consults that are sent home from the ED require a discussion with the attending.

  • In the morning after your call at 6:45 AM, you will send an email signout detailing which consults need to be seen, with the priority on seeing patients awaiting dispo decisions in the ED first.