Over the course of the 4 weeks you spend on neuropathology during the next two years, the goal is to learn how to approach neuropathology cases and to understand how the neuropathologist fits into the diagnostic team and what they can and cannot do in terms of providing diagnoses.  The attendings are really great and they very much enjoy having neurology residents with them! You will see a lot of cases from the ward service (and occasionally stroke and consult) and can often provide helpful clinical context.

Goals and objectives are as follows:

  1. To learn normal neuroanatomy and histology
  2. To see frozen sections and learn about surgical pathology.
  3. To understand the neuropathology of common CNS neoplasms
  4. To understand the neuropathology of neurodegenerative disorders.
Your home base during this rotation will be in the neuropathology suite on PH15 (room 124). The day will start around 9am and ends after attending signout rounds are finished (~4-5 PM).



–Attending signout rounds: 1:30-4:00


–Attending signout rounds: 1:30-4:00

–Muscle and nerve biopsy conference (PH15, 124): 4:00


–COS: 8:30-9:45

–Attending signout rounds: 1:30-4:00


–Morning report: 8:00-9:00

–Tumor board: 9:15-10:30 (PH1, radiology suite — when you walk past the PH elevators across the hallways that goes to CHONY/Harkness, you’ll see a conference room on the right)

–Neuropathology all-attending conference: 10:30-12:00 (PH15, 124)

–Attending signout rounds: 1:30-4:00


–Braincutting – 9:30am (CHONY CENTRAL elevators, Tunnel Level; Follow signs to autopsy

service ->Room T8)

–Attending signout rounds: 1:30-4:00

When you are not at conferences, there are slide sets to review. You should plan to spend the majority of the day in the PH 15 conference room because then you’ll know when the frozen sections are happening and can go down to the OR with the pathology team.

It’s helpful to review the slides before signout. Some attendings may also leave out “unknowns’ for you to review and then they’ll go through them with you during signout rounds. Like many rotations, this is one where the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.


Ellison and Love: Neuropathology: A reference text of CNS pathology

WHO: Pathology and genetics of tumors of the nervous system

You should be able to find these books in the neuropathology library.