EMU, Adult

ADULT Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Understanding the diagnostic tools and management of Epilepsy patients is key to your education as a neurologist. While you are on the EMU rotation, you will work with the Epilepsy attendings and Fellows to gain understanding of EEG, its use, and the work up and management of patients with Epilepsy.

Welcome to EMU education

EEG report template

Wyllie – Treatment of Epilepsy

Driving Laws


Form to decrease the restriction on driving to 6 months: https://dmv.ny.gov/forms/mv80u1.pdf


Morning (M-F):
8:30-10:00: Admit new patients, f/u prior patients

    –On Wednesday you should attend Chief of Service on 8HS from 8:30-9:30

    –On Thursday you should attend morning report in NI 14 from 8:00-9:00

10:00-12:00: EMU rounds

12:00-1:00: Noon conference (mandatory)

     –Attend regular resident conferene except Mondays when you should attend Epilepsy surgery conference in the NI-7 conference room

     –Friday: Epilepsy research conference (optional)

Afternoons as below

*Finish admissions, then proceed to the activities below:

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 1-5 PM EEG reading, in NI-7 Fellows Room Wednesday: 1-2 PM Review EEG with attending (ask location)

              2-5 PM Epilepsy clinic, VC-10

Friday:   1:15-2:15 PM Grand rounds

              2-5 PM (30 min) Meet with Dr. Michelle Bell in the afternoon (contact Dr. Bell when you start your rotation to arrange meeting times)

5 PM Check in with the Epilepsy fellow prior to leaving

6 PM *If you have sick patients, you must sign them out to the JNF resident.

       –If you are done with your work – you can ask the Ward “Long Call” Junior to take sign

          out on any sick patients before 6pm.

       –Email JNF with a brief description of patients

       –Very occasionally there is an overnight EMU admission, which is admitted by JNF if it is

          a resident, and ANF if JNF is a PA. Sign this out if you know about it.

A few things for your first day:

  • You should arrive to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, on 8HN (at the far end of the hallway) at 8:30am.

  • On your first day, introduce yourself to the fellow/attending and to the Nurse Practitioner. You will be assigned patients to follow/admit

  • Every morning when you pre-round- check event/seizure notes, check vitals, examine the patient and be prepared to discuss overnight events

  • To put in admission orders, start with “Admit NYP Order Set”. Then use “EMU Admission, Adult” order set

  • EMU Patients are found on the “Epilepsy-AEMU” list

Other information:

  • You will have opportunities to participate in observing a hook-up, reading routine EEGs, attending conferences

  • Throughout the rotation, you will take increasing responsibility to review the EEG of the patient (but this is not expected of you on the first day).

  • Go to the OR when possible to observe intracranial electrode placement or epilepsy surgery – ask the Epilepsy fellow about when this will be taking place.

  • There are NO WEEKEND or HOLIDAY responsibilities on this rotation with the exception of sick pull. Please check amion to make sure you are not scheduled for sick pull.

  • During this rotation, you should have one observed exam completed by an attending.

  • At the end of the rotation you should be given feedback from both the attending and fellows