Clinic Block


Clinic block is a chance for you to spend a week in your continuity clinic practicing outpatient general neurology, as well as have exposure to specialty clinics such as headache, memory, sleep, MS, and movement disorders.  You will also have exposure to private general neurology clinics.

*If you are assigned clinic pager, make sure to check your SHMs every day. If you are on clinic block, but not holding the pager, the Clinic pager resident may ask you to complete certain tasks (including medication refills, and prior authorization).

General Logistics

  • Please look at Niresidents for Clinic Logistics including forms and how to order tests.
  • Check amion to see which clinics you are assigned, and Soarian to see your individual patient schedules (instructions for Soarian access available on
  • Clinic locations and start times
    • Continuity Clinic/”VC”/”VC-10”: 622 W. 168th Street, 10th Floor. Often, we are in the main clinic area, but occasionally we are housed in the OB/gyn rooms.
      • Monday, Tuesday, and Friday: start 8:30 AM
      • Wednesday: start 10 AM (after COS)
      • Thursday: start 9 AM (after Morning Report)
      • Afternoons: start 1 PM
    • Sub-specialty clinics – Movement, Sleep, Headache, Memory, and Stroke: VC-10
      • (see hours above)
    • Teleneurology (PGY3 and PGY4 only): VC-10
      • Monday and Tuesdays: 1-5PM
    • RAVEN* and MS subspecialty: NI-2 (710 W. 168th Street, 2nd Floor), Doppler Suite
      • RAVEN: Mon, Tues, and Friday 8:30-10 AM (see below*)
      • MS: Friday 8:30 AM -noon
    • Farrell clinic: 610 W 158th St, 2nd Floor
      • Monday – Friday: 1:30-5 PM
  • Didactics:
    • Monday morning: Clinic Didactics. Lectures on various outpatient neurology topics, and interactive EEG and EMG workshopping sessions. The schedule will vary by week, so please check the Niresidents710 Google Calendar for the most up to date schedule.
    • Friday afternoons 1:15 or 2:30 PM in NI-1 Callroom: Clinic Report. (1:15 PM when no Grand Rounds (usually late June-early Sept); 2:30 PM when there is GR).  A low-key presentation (verbal, no PPT) of an in interesting patient seen in the clinic.  You will also report on the status of your QI Project.

*RAVEN Clinic

  • Residents staff RAVEN clinic Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays.
  • You MUST see your patient prior to imaging (TCDs and Carotid Dopplers), and then present to the attending. You will leave at 10 AM, to go to Didactics (Mondays), or VC-10 (Tues and Friday).


  • Every Monday and Tuesday afternoon, you will be in NI-2 private attending clinic. See for your individual schedule. This should match what you receive from Dr. Kleyman.
  • You may be scheduled for Sick Pull Junior and Sunday Ward Junior Sick Pull. Please check your amion schedule.