Peds EMU/Epilepsy Junior

Pediatric Epilepsy/EMU

Purple Book 2018 – 2019 (Practical Guide to Peds Neurology)

In this rotation you’ll be exposed to kids with epilepsy of all ages and all different types of syndromes.  You’ll learn about genetic syndromes, febrile seizures, pediatric seizure management and much more.  This is a high turnover service, but you get to work with NPs that help.  You will work Monday-Saturday with the following schedule.

Daily workflow

7 AM – Meet in the CHONY 6 Tower Neuro Callroom to take signout from Nocturnist or Night Float.

  • Remember to sign into Mobile Heart Beat. You must carry this at all times as it is the only way that the nurses get ahold of you.
  1. Under location, select CHONY 6 TOWER Med/Surg
  2. Under Dynamic Role, select Peds Neuro – Ward Junior: CHONY 6T Columbia.
  3. Once you have signed in, phone calls to 646-426-6107 will go to your personal MHB.
  • Change the care team tab on Eclypsis.
  • Find out the first morning which NP will be there and get their contact info.
  • Preround on patients, and write follow-up notes.

8:45 AM – NP will arrive, and you decide which patients you will take.  NPs cannot take care of Epilepsy patients.

9 AM – Rounds.  Attendings will decide which patients will be discharged, and prepare dsumms. There are two different attendings for the EMU and Epilepsy patients.

Afternoon – Admissions

5 PM – NP will sign out to you.  You will also receive signout from the Neurosurgery Hospitalist, and crosscover patients from 5-6:30 PM.

6:30 PM

  • Meet in the 6T Neuro Callroom to take signout from Nocturnist or Night Float. Come with a prepared Handoff in iPASS format.
  • All residents must send sign out emails on the epilepsy (non-EMU patients) every night at signout; Please include ” Peds CSr” and “Peds Home Call” residents on this email (see Amion).

*You will attend Peds Neurology clinic on Tuesday afternoon, unless there are epilepsy patients that need to be crosscovered.

*On weekends, you will also be writing notes on neurosurgery patients (but not rounding with that attending).


Pediatric Conference Schedule

Tuesday           8:15am            Chief of Service (HP 5 Large Conference Room)

Wednesday     12pm               Neuroradiology Rounds (HP 5 Large Conference Room)

2:30pm            DeVivo Rounds (HP 5 Small Conference Room)

Thursday         1:15pm            Neurosurgery Conference (NI 2, Dr. Feldstein’s Office)

Friday              9am                 Division Rounds (HP 5 Large Conference Room)